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Delicious Bread, Naturally Made

Everything we do to present you with our breads and cakes is natural. Everything we use is fresh and organic. The results are delicious and healthy. Not only can you taste the difference; your body will feel the difference over time. And by using no unnecessary additives, we make a small, but significant ecological contribution. Take a look at our range of mouth-watering breads by clicking on one of the categories. 

Getting the best from our bread...

Although they have a shorter shelf life than commercially produced breads filled with preservatives, artisan breads will generally keep very well – about three to four days at room temperature. Either store the loaf in a paper bag, or place it on your cutting board or counter with the cut side down and lightly cover with a tea towel. If the bread hardens a bit, spray with a little water and heat in an oven for a few minutes.   Refrigerating will only shorten the bread’s keeping qualities, destroying the lovely moistness, which is the nature of traditionally made breads. However, they freeze and refresh beautifully. If you won’t be eating the loaf within two or three days, wrap it in waxed paper then cover in either aluminum foil or plastic and freeze.   To refresh, remove the plastic and put the loaf still in its wrapping straight into a 190 degree Celsius oven for about 20 minutes. Or, if you prefer, allow the loaf to completely thaw at room temperature and then pop into a preheated oven for about 10 minutes. The other option is to slice the loaf fresh and then put into a plastic bag to freeze, just taking a slice or two out at a time to toast.
Specialist Rye Traditional
ORDERING INFORMATION - PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT DELIVER TO YOUR HOME Ordering Items   need   to   be   ordered   at   least   1   full   working   day   before   required   or   as   far   in   advance   as   you   like!   Once   your   chosen   items   are   in   your   basket   proceed   to   the   checkout   to complete the sale. We will then be in touch via e-mail to discuss your required-by date and location of collection. If   you   have   any   special   requests   such   as   different   portion   sizes   for   some   pastry   and   patisserie   items   or   to   leave   a   cake   un-cut   please   specify   in   the   comments   section   of   the checkout   when   ordering.   We   can   also   take   orders   over   the   phone   during   our   office   hours   of   8am-4pm   Mon   –   Fri.   Simply   call   01277   354396   and   we   can   talk   through   your order. We will endeavour to respond to all enquiries and orders within an hour of receiving them. Please note – we do not offer a delivery service. Items must be collected from your local market which can be found via the ‘Find Us’ page.