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Country Bloomer

Strong white flour and a sourdough starter

along with yeast gives us the perfect open

textured bloomer.

Weight 800g. (Contains wheat and rye)

Heritage Bloomer

A traditional French country bread, made with 20% rye starter flour for added flavour & texture and a small amount of yeast. Weight 800g. (Contains wheat, rye, barley, sesame seeds)  

Italian Sourdough

A dark crusty loaf, fabulous taste, excellent crust & open texture. Looks fantastic and tastes fantastic – a bread to impress your friends. Available in 1600g or 800g. (Contains wheat)  

German Rye

One of our most popular Ryes. Wheat free and made with organic rye flour. Perfect with smoked salmon! Has a texture of a very dense wholemeal. Weight 800g. (Contains rye)  

Baked Rosemary Focaccia

500g Delicious white dough made and soaked in extra virgin olive oil, topped with fresh rosemary. Ideal for dipping. (Contains wheat)   


Caramel Crunch Cheesecake Wonderfully light cream cheese, blended with cream and with caramel fudge. Individual Belgian chocolate balls on a digestive base. Sprinkled with a nut crunch and pailleté Feuilletine. Highly Recommended and one of our Top 10. (Contains wheat, eggs, milk, soya and nuts). Apple Strudel with Nibbed Almonds One of the most popular items we produce and we think it's the best. Made with filo pastry, the balance is just right with apple, breadcrumbs, sultanas, cinnamon, nibbed almonds and syrup. (Contains wheat and nuts) Ultra Chocolate Brownie Indescribably delicious. Made from couverture chocolate and stacks of butter and free-range eggs. Definitely the best in town, try it and you won’t be disappointed. (Contains wheat, eggs, milk and soya) Red Velvet Hugely popular at the moment and made to our own unique sponge recipe with cream cheese. A must have. Highly Recommended and one of our Top 10. (Contains wheat, eggs, milk, soya, and nuts) Pecan Pie It may be an American classic, but we think our version is simply the best. Butter rich shortcrust pastry with a light walnut sponge topped with pecan halves. Unbeatable. (Contains wheat, eggs, milk, soya, and nuts)  

Ron McGeary, the famous cartoonist, is one of our customers

and very kindly did us a couple of his very special cartoons...

“Thank    you    for    the    best    bread    we have    tasted    in    years.    A    large    white farmhouse    loaf    and    a    large    seeded brown.   Wonderful   crust,   resilient   and soft   crumb   and   deep   flavour.   I   bought them     last     Wednesday,     ate     them fresh/toasted     until     Sunday     before blasting     the     remaining     half-loaves briefly   in   the   hot   oven   and   we’re   still enjoying the best toast ever! - Irene, Berkhampstead
I     just     wanted     to     say     how     amazing   your   sausage   rolls   are!   I   bought   one in   St   Albans   market   this   Saturday   and was    absolutely    blown    away    by    the quality!!   the   pastry   was   sublime,   the filling    was    a    perfect    blend    of    meat, herbs   and   spices   and   when   I   finished I    was    left    with    a    pleasant    peppery warmth    in    the    back    of    my    throat. Amazing   I   just   had   to   buy   another!! BRAVO!!!’ - Peter, St Albans
“This    is    merely    a    brief    message    to express   appreciation   at      what   you   do and   to   thank   you   for   producing   such high     quality     bread     -     all     the     more appreciated   when   what   one   sees   in   the supermarket        today        and        tastes afterwards    is    manifestly    inferior    and probably    injurious    in    the    long    run. There    is    a    stall    selling    your    splendid products   in   the   Cornhill,   Ipswich,   from where   I   bought   a   garlic   loaf   today   and several   other   products.   I   am   glad   public awareness   of   the   need   for   bread   to   be properly        made        is        rising        and          dissatisfaction   with   what   ghastly   places like   (supermarkets)   produce   under   the phoney    guise    of        authenticity    is    also growing.    It    speaks    volumes    that    the latter    organisation    actually    pipes    the aroma   of   bread   being   made   into   the store    to    con    customers    into    thinking that   what   they   get   there   is   fresh   and healthy.   Keep   up   the   good   work.   I   am sure   it   can't   be   easy   matching   supply with   growing   demand   but   you   seem   to be doing well.” - Richard, Ipswich
“I    just    found    you    for    the    first    time    in Stratford.   Had   a   spinach   +   other   things roll   and   an   apricot   Danish.   Both   were very   tasty,   but   it   was   the   Danish   I   was most    impressed    by.    Delicious!!!    Proper apricots    in,    not    just    apricot    flavoured mush    and    a    good    size    for    a    well- deserved    treat    (which    went    extremely well   with   my   coffee).   Thank   you   -   you made     my     day!!     Next     time     I’m     in Stratford,     I     know     where     I’ll     get     my lunch:-)” - Bev, London
“Hi,     I     bought     one     of     your     really chocolately   brownies   from   your   stall   at Ely   market,   Cambridgeshire   today   and   I just   wanted   to   say   'It   is   the   best   brownie I    have    ever    had'    I    will    definitely    be visiting your stall again, Thank you”   - Karen Dear, Cambs

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“Just   wanted   to   say   that   I   bought   a tomato   and   cheese   large   focaccia   last week    in    Wokingham    market    and    it was,   by   far,   the   most   delicious   bread   I have   ever   tasted.   My   family   and   I   ate it   cold,   as   it   was,   no   accompaniments as   we   all   agreed   that   nothing   could enhance   its   flavour.      Well   done   and thank   you   so   much.      I   will   be   there   on Thursday     afternoon     to     try     to     get another one.  Absolutely 100% delicious. Thank you - Melinda, Wokingham
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Today     I     was     at     your     booth     at Worthing   on   the   boardwalk,   I   bought a   gorgeous   dark   rye   bread.   I'm   from Poland.   We   did   not   think   that   would ever    eat    in    England    a    real    good bread. And today it happened! This    is    the    best    rye    bread    I    ate    in England! It    is    delicious,    tasty,    fragrant    as    it should be true bread! Bravo. Our sincerest congratulations. - Stefan and Ola