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Offering an alternative to industrially manufactured produce by bringing back traditional skills and giving people a choice

Established in 2007,  Brownbread is a successful family run Artisan Bakery in Ingatestone, Essex, supplying a wide range of industry leading baked goods. With over 300 product choices in our range including sourdough, morning goods, pastries and more, plus more than 70 markets every week, there's no place better to find quality handcraft baked goods. 


20+ Years Experience

Starting with just 3 markets a week and 1 individual, we have now grown to more than 70 locations across the South East, the Home Counties and the Midlands.

Premium Handcrafted

We believe in traditional baking techniques starting with 48 hours of fermentation for our sourdough and hand scoring each loaf to ensure our bread is authentically artisan. We use the finest bakers flour made from high-protein wheat, so every bite is hearty and delicious.

All Weather

We have a dedicated team of staff who work tirelessly to provide a professional and personal service. Up at the crack of dawn, seven days a week in all weathers. We really do not like letting our customers down and very rarely miss a market.

Quality Guaranteed


brownbread stores location

Our Stores

We have over 35 stores located nationwide where you can find the best quality handcraft baked goods

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