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Quality Management

Brownbread set out the values, principle and procedures underpinning our approach to maintaining high levels of support for their customers and continue to improve the quality and high standard of the service.  Our aims are to provide the highest possible quality service for the benefit of its customers and to meet the statutory and regulatory requirements.  We also aim to be recognised as a good practice employer within the local community.     


Quality Procedures

External and Internal Audits

Brownbread is subject to planned and unplanned inspections by HSE in relation to supplying consumable products to the public. The findings of these audits will play a key role in our quality assurance which forms part of our annual continuous development plan. All employees or anyone undertaking work for Brownbread are aware of their responsibilities in relation to HSE requirements when supplying consumable products to the public.

Brownbread aims to audit internally every year, to assess and evaluate the current policies and procedures, risk management and to ensure that it is meeting the current legislation requirements and the Fundamental Standards. To do this, we develop a continuous improvement plan each year to provide the company with a clear vision on areas that need improvement and new ideas to implement to improve our service. All policies and procedures are updated as and when needed and not exceeding every year. 





We have a robust rostering system in place which allows us to plan our staffing based on peak periods in any given week. Management are very hands on and still provide hands on support. This allows flexibility with our current staffing model to exceed our current requirement of covering workloads.


Health and Safety

Brownbread health and safety (including fire safety) policies and procedures and controlled and monitored internally by management and all comply with legislations and are updated accordingly with appropriate timescales.

Training and Development

Brownbread require all personnel who serve food products to customer to complete and pass minimum Level 2 food hygiene and safety for retail.

Regular Staff supervisions ensure that employees have completed their training and any outstanding or out of date training is completed within specific deadlines. 

Communication and Record Keeping

The management team carry out regular staff supervisions and team meetings to give people the opportunity to discuss their service and experience, including potential improvements. Besides supervisions and team meetings, Brownbread has an “open door policy” and management is always contactable through visiting Head office during working hours, through email and telephone. This helps us achieve an excellent two -way communication. 


Brownbread has a highly effective record keeping practices in place. All associated paperwork including Food standard processes, risk assessments, incident forms and communication notes can be found in our Head office.

Complaints/Grievance Procedures     

Brownbread has both a Staff complaints and grievance procedure and Whistle Blowing Policy to encourage staff to identify concerns. Such procedures are designed to address gaps in our standards and should assist us to improve on the service we provide to our customers.

We provide information to staff on Whistleblowing to ensure they feel safe to raise concerns. 


Roles and Responsibilities


All employees are responsible for contributing to the quality assurance improvement process by demonstrating high standards in all aspects of their working day. A commitment to strong team working and two-way communications with management particularly in areas where it is felt that we can do better.               

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